Getting Started:

Target market study

Gather equipment

Compile first batch of episodes

Establish format

Determine and execute release plan




Format 1: Solo Podcast

Format 2: Interview Podcast

Format 3: Hybrid




Concept 1: Reactionary (News)

Concept 2: Anecdotal

Concept 3: Educational


Social Strategies

As it currently stands, short form video dominates the organic reach market and no platforms are doing it better than Tik Tok.

Using snippets from previous and upcoming podcasts we will see a large organic reach that will help to grow our podcast followers.

Like Tik Tok, Instagram Reels are currently seeing a huge amount of organic reach and allows us to use similar content across both platforms to get even more reach within our target market.

Reels coupled with a few other types of content such as carousels will be our strategy to win at Instagram.


Content Recommendations

  1. Snippets from most recent episode
  2. Snippets from upcoming episode
  3. Topical memes reacting to industry news
  4. Anecdotes in carousel form
  5. Quotes from different podcasts
  6. Industry news reaction/insight



Subscriber Growth Ideas

  1. Set up email list with strong lead magnet
  2. Consistent execution of quality social media strategy
  3. Story content to keep current audience engaged
  4. Actively engaging with other users
  5. Collaboration with other profiles
  6. Monitoring the algorithms