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That’s why we stick to a few simple tenants that make all the difference.

We commit to knowing our clients and their organization and care about it as if it were our own.


We price fairly for our clients, our company, and our industry.


We are always growing in our craft.


We work harder to make our clients’ lives easier.


Our Services


Web Development

Website Building

Your website is your most valuable asset online. So why do so many organization’s websites go un-updated, and unused?

Because sometimes it’s hard to see the value that your website brings to your organization. There’s a lot (like over 1.8 BILLION) of web pages floating around on the internet and invariably, a lack of traffic leads to a disheartened web manager, and eventually, a website that no longer gets maintained.

If you’re looking to give your website some fresh life and cut through the noise, let us know, and we can get to work making your website a site that does work for you.

(Also click this module to see WHY your website is your most valuable asset online.)

SEO Implementation

And what good is a website, if nobody can find it? Our SEO strategies and tools can help put your website in front of more eyes organically, which leads to sustained, long term growth and a site that’s a stronger lead magnet.


Look, we all know writing can be a serious pain. Let us take care of it for you to increase your SEO score and provide helpful information to your clientele. 

Landing page development

If you’re running ads, the best thing you can do is invest in high quality landing pages. Your ads can only get you so far, we can help you maximize your landing page so that you can increase your conversion rate and get a higher ROI on your ad spend.

website efficiency updates

Building a website can be daunting, but sometimes keeping it current can feel even more so. Good Life can help you maintain and update your site with relevant content and efficiency plugins to make your site fast and reliable.


Digital Marketing

Ad campaign design

There’s a lot of facets to designing an effective ad campaign. From determining your budget to designing your funnel and executing your strategy, we’re here to help with every step.

funnel design

Setting up a Marketing Funnel can be a process…but getting a marketing funnel designed and executed for you can be a lot of fun. Let’s let your ads have some fun.

Digital Marketing

We offer ad campaigns for geofence campaigns, PPC campaigns, key word search campaigns, and more. However you want to advertise, we’ve got you covered.

Social Media advertising

If you aren’t advertising on social media, you are missing a HUGE market with some incredible targeting options. We can get your ads running on all the biggest platforms to make sure you have as many eyes as possible on your brand.

Content Marketing (Social Media)

Content Marketing, otherwise known as social media management, is incredibly important for building goodwill towards your brand. We offer full managed options for this as well as consultation options.


Brand Development

Ad Design

Developing ads can be very time consuming and difficult. Let Good Life handle your ad design and make getting your ads up and running a cinch.

graphic design

Looking to freshen up your logo? Maybe you just need some design work done for a new sign or some shirts? We have plenty of options to help take your branding to the next level.


Telling your story is one of the best things you can do for your company! Your story is what gives your company an identity. We can help you communicate that story with professional grade photos of your events, office parties, or team headshots.


Looking for more dynamic ways to tell your story? Our videography packages are a great way to get dynamic content for your brand in unbelievable quality.

commercial videography

Display ads are great and are a very useful tool, but if you’re looking to shoot ads for TV or online, let Good Life handle it for you. We’ll work through everything from script writing through editing to make sure your commercial is exactly what you want it to be, in the best quality available.


Grant’s knowledge, excitement, and professionalism have made our current social media campaign and website revamp a breeze. Highly recommend.

Tyler Sorenson

CEO, Turf Equipment & Irrigation

I really appreciate working with truly quality people. Grant is one of those people. He has give our team the confidence we need in developing our digital marketing campaign. He has valuable input and insight. Thanks Grant!

Rich Hume

CEO, A&A Roofing

Grant is the absolute best. I run an employee benefits firm and work with business owners all the time. He has helped my clients and myself out in multiple ways. His service and price was refreshing. I’ve enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to anyone.

Ian Shada

Director, Unified Employee Benefits

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